COVID-19: Caregivers Are Essential Healthcare Workers

 March 20, 2020


(Expires according to state or federal order)

To Law Enforcement & Emergency Services Personnel:

 The bearer of this letter is employed by Vibrant Health Homecare in an essential capacity, providing home care services to vulnerable individuals, elderly and disabled clients, who rely on these caregivers for their essential needs in their homes.  Many are not able to leave their homes alone or obtain health care elsewhere at this time.  Both President Trump’s National Emergency Orders and state and local shelter-in-place orders exempt essential services including healthcare providers.

This letter verifies the essential nature of the bearer’s duties and is not intended in any way to encroach upon the authority and laws of state and local governmental authorities.  This designation is only meant to address travel to and from work assignments.  If you need to verify the bearer’s employment and that s/he is currently on assignment with Vibrant Health Homecare at 5401 S Tacoma way, Tacoma, WA, 98409, please contact Annet, Asio-Pasquali at (253) 240-6489

Sincerely yours,

Annet Asio-Pasquali, RN


5401 S Tacoma way

Tacoma. WA. 98409