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Home Care Staffing Agency

If you are looking for professional care for a loved one with special needs, a home care staffing agency is the better option. 

But why should you consider hiring a home care agency to help you or a loved one that needs these services at home, compared to taking them to an adult family home? 

This article will explain what a home care staffing agency is, and why you should get home care services for yourself or your loved one who needs it. 

What Is a Tacoma Home Care Staffing Agency?

A home care staffing agency is a company that provides qualified and trained caregivers or healthcare professionals to individuals who require help or intensive medical care. Usually, these agencies have a roster of these professionals who have gone through background checks, vetting, and training. 

Here’s why you should hire from a home care staffing agency in Tacoma. 

Taking a Loved One to a Nursing or Healthcare Home Is Counter-Intuitive

Nursing homes might seem like a great idea at first. But for seniors, it robs them of years of the comfort and security of a familiar environment they have known for years. In fact, it has been the leading cause of depression and loneliness for the longest time.

And because of these issues and many others, there has been a need for professional healthcare workers who offer personalized care to individuals in their homes, and this is our mission here at Vibrant Health Home Care. 

In-Home Care Is Inexpensive Compared to Nursing Homes

Depending on the patient’s needs, in-home care is considerably cheaper than care homes or nursing homes (the latter requiring specialized care from healthcare workers).

Provides Personalized Care

An in-house caregiver can help their clients with their personal care, including activities of daily living and their medication.

Having personalized care for yourself or a loved one is why in-home care is one of the best caregiving options out there. 

For the client, as they get more familiar with the caregiver as being part of their lives, they get to be more comfortable and can also clearly communicate their needs to their caregiver. 

Because the client is the primary focus of the caregiver, they’re more likely to understand the client’s needs and provide the best quality of care to meet these needs and preferences. 

Gives You a Sense of Independence 

Having in-home care gives the client all the independence required to live a vibrant life. A client with in-home care can keep up with their routines as much as their health allows with a caregiver by their side to offer help whenever needed.

You can still visit friends and family, sit at your favorite coffee shop, go shopping, go to church, wherever. You’re still an adult, and you can do whatever you want to do, but with a trained aide on standby whenever you need help.

Compared to a nursing home which usually follows a set of schedules to keep the institution running like a well-oiled wheel, it may sound good but can be rather exasperating, living your life to the dictates of strangers. 

Gives Family Caregivers a Break 

Caregiving is a lot of work. Sometimes a patient might require 24/7 care, which can be overwhelming because it takes a lot of effort and time from the family caregivers. 

And because family caregivers take on a lot of responsibility, cases of caregiver burnout are not uncommon. Bringing an in-house home care staff will provide respite for the family caregiver. 

We understand if you’d hesitate about putting your life or of a loved one in a stranger’s hands.

Therefore, Vibrant Health Homecare only hires compassionate caregivers who have also been background-screened, and will go out of their way to make the client happy. 

Safety and Security

Having in-house care provides safety for elderly people and disabled individuals who are prone to falls, accidents, or episodes that can put them in danger. 

A caregiver ensures necessary precautions are taken with assistive devices and medication to ensure the utmost well-being of their patient. 

You can count on the caregiver to provide an immediate medical response, like administering first-aid and calling emergency services whenever needed.

Having a caregiver around helps alleviate the fears and concerns of family members about the safety of their loved ones. Knowing that someone is at home to ensure they are safe and well looked after is a relief.


We can tell of many stories where friendships were made and blossomed between caregivers and their clients. Having someone a senior can recount fond memories and share meaningful conversations with is helpful to the mental and emotional health of these individuals. 

Caregivers will also help clients engage in activities that help improve their clients’ quality of life. 

Live-In Care Improves the Quality of Life 

In addition to the above, a caregiver helps improve their clients’ overall quality of life by assisting with their daily activities, personal care, cooking, errands, transportation, and even housekeeping. 

Having a caregiver who provides the above helps individuals reduce the stress of having to do these tasks, which might be very difficult to do by themselves or cannot do anymore, thus improving their overall health and independence.

How to Hire a Home Care Staffing Agency In Tacoma 

When looking for a home care agency in Tacoma to take care of your loved one, you need one that will provide the best possible care and support for your loved one’s specific needs. Here are some key considerations to keep in mind:

Expertise and Specialization

Look for a home care agency that specializes in the type of care your loved one requires. Whether it’s elderly care, post-operative care, or specialized conditions like dementia or Parkinson’s, it’s important to make sure that the agency has the necessary expertise, training, and experience to provide the specific care your loved one needs.

Licensing and Accreditation

Verify that the agency is properly licensed, accredited, and meets the state and local regulations. This is one way of finding out of they meet certain quality standards and operate within the legal framework. As a result, you’ll have peace of mind regarding the care they provide.

Caregiver Qualifications and Training

Make sure you find out more about the agency’s caregiver screening and selection process for the sake of your or your loved one’s safety. For instance, what qualifications, certifications, and training do their caregivers possess? 

What is their experience in handling situations similar to your loved one’s needs?

In addition, what is their approach to ongoing training and professional development?

Care Plan and Personalization

A reputable agency will develop a personalized care plan tailored to your loved one’s specific requirements. Make sure you discuss in detail the kind of services they offer and how they will customize the care plan to address your loved one’s unique needs and preferences. This ensures that your loved one receives individualized attention and the highest level of care.

Availability and Flexibility

Consider the agency’s availability and flexibility in providing care. Do they offer round-the-clock services, emergency support, and backup caregivers in case the primary caregiver is unavailable?

If not, that’s a hard pass. 

The right agency should also be ready to accommodate any changes in care needs or schedules that may arise in the future.

Communication and Transparency

Clear communication is vital when entrusting the care of your loved one to an agency. Ask about their communication protocols, how they keep you informed about your loved one’s well-being, and if they have a system for addressing concerns or emergencies.  

Cost and Insurance Coverage

Discuss the agency’s pricing structure, payment options, and any insurance coverage they accept. Ensure you clearly understand the costs involved and whether they align with your budget. Additionally, check if the agency accepts your loved one’s insurance. 

Agency Policies and Procedures

Review the agency’s policies and procedures regarding caregiver supervision, safety protocols, and any additional services they offer. Ensure they have established protocols for emergencies, medication management, and other important aspects of care.

Gut Feeling and Compatibility

Finally, we know this sounds like a cliche, but you should trust your instincts. Ask yourself whether you feel comfortable and confident in the agency’s ability to care for your loved one. You need a Tacoma caregiving agency to build a trusting and respectful relationship with, ensuring the best possible care for your loved one.

Remember, hiring a home care agency is a significant decision that directly impacts the well-being of your loved one. Take your time, ask questions, and choose an agency that meets your loved one’s needs while aligning with your values and expectations.

Read their Reviews on Google and Other Platforms 

Before you hire an in-home caregiver from an agency, make sure you do your research and read their reviews, especially on Google. 

At Vibrant Health Homecare, we have plenty of five-star reviews on Google from clients who are satisfied with the quality of our service. 

To hire one of our caregivers, we start the onboarding process by offering our potential clients a free pre-assessment. This helps us understand your care needs better and choose the right caregiver for you (or a loved one). 

Get started with a free pre-assessment here

Hiring an in-home care aide from a home care staffing agency is the right step to provide much-needed care attention for yourself or individuals that need this assistance in their homes. 

At Vibrant Health Home Care, we aim to help older adults and people with disabilities with the support they need to live a vibrant life from the comfort of their homes. 


How do I know I or my loved one is in safe and capable hands? Do you run thorough background checks?

Yes. Safety is our highest priority, and we ensure we do a thorough background check on our staff before we bring them on board. We ensure background checks are also done periodically throughout the year to ensure we’ve covered our bases and guarantee the safety of our clients.

Who are your services for? 

Vibrant Health Homecare provides in-house living assistance to seniors and individuals with disabilities. 

How much does it cost?

We personalize our services to meet the different needs and preferences of our clients. Please fill out the free pre-assessment form to help us understand what you require of us. That’s the only way we’ll be able to tell you how much to charge you. 

Will you get a consistent caregiver? 

The idea of having home care is for individuals who need this care to enjoy the safety and comfort of their own homes. This also entails having familiar faces they can trust and be vulnerable with. 

For this reason, we always assign a few care aides to a client to ensure they are familiar with the client and their family. 

Having multiple caregivers assigned to a client helps cover for sick leave, family emergencies a caregiver might have to attend to, or even much-needed time off.

How do I pay for in-home care?

You can pay out-of-pocket VA benefits through Medicaid, life settlement, and long-term care insurance. 

What happens if I need more daily living assistance than I realized?

We totally understand if you require more services than we initially assessed. You can reach out to us, and we’ll discuss your new care needs. 


About Author: Annet Asio-Pasquali


Annet is a Registered Nurse in the state of Washington, she holds a Bachelor's degree in nursing from Olympic College in Bremerton, WA. She is also the founder of Vibrant Health Homecare, a company that supports the elderly and individuals with various disabilities to have an enhanced quality of life. Prior to starting her agency, Annet worked as a bedside nurse at Tacoma General Hospital for 7 years.