Important Tips in Choosing an In-homecare Agency for Your Loved One

Choosing the right agency to care for your loved one can be over whelming and time consuming due to different types of agencies providing different services. The first thing to do is to decide what kind of care your loved one needs. For a quick tip, consider your answer to the following question to help you decide:

What does my loved need help with?

  • Non- medical care; bathing, grooming, meal prep, medication assistance, etc. For this kind of care, choose a homecare company
  • Medical care; Skilled nursing for tube feeding, wound care, physical therapy etc. For this kind of care, choose a home health company

Note: Some companies provide both medical and non-medical services

Now that you have nailed down the category of care you need, let us talk about the important questions to ask the agency:

  • Does the company provide the specific service you need?
  • How are the caregivers specifically trained in the area of the service you need? For example, if your loved one has dementia, do the caregivers have specialized dementia training?
  • Ask about important company policies; like caregiver cellphone use policy, education requirements, caregiver coverage requirements
  • Ask about the billing schedule and the rate so you can compare rates of service with other agencies
  • Ask about sources of funding. Do they take payments directly from insurance? Are they strictly private pay?
  • Ask about the hiring process: How are the caregivers selected? Does the company run background checks?
  • What happens if a caregiver is not able to make it to work? Does the company automatically send you a replacement?
  • Who makes the care plan for the clients? Does the company involve you or your loved in making the care plans?
  • Does the company assign a supervisor to periodically assess the quality of care given to the client? If so, how often is this assessment done? How often does the supervisor make visits?
  • Ask about the legalities of the company. How long have they been in business? Are they licensed in the state? Do they carry malpractice insurance? Etc
  • Does the company have someone on- call during off hours?
  • Also, are caregivers available 24/7?
  • Ask for references, specifically in the area of the care you need

Those are some of the important questions to begin with. Some other questions come along as you dive deeper into the conversation. Be sure to ask about anything that comes into your mind.

If you are looking for a good reputable homecare agency, consider VibrantHealth Homecare. We have passionate caregivers 24/7 that can assist your loved one with activities of daily living. We can assist with bathing, grooming, meal prep, medication assistance, light housekeeping, companionship to social engagements like church, wedding, drive to doctors’ appointments, grocery store, etc. We run extensive background checks on our employees and give assessment exams pre-hire. We are so proud of the care that we provide, and our clients have nice things to say about us.

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