In-Home Care Services for Disabled Individuals: How to Choose the Best

Persons with disability need assistance with their activities of daily living at some point. However, you may not be able to provide such care to your loved one every day if you have work, school, or other activities holding you up. For this reason, finding in-home care services for disabled individuals becomes necessary.

Although there may be several in-home care agencies near you, not all of them may be perfect for your loved one. Therefore, you’ll need to consider some factors to ensure your loved one receives the care they need and deserve. To make this easy, you need to know more about in-home care services for people with disabilities.

Read on to know the factors to consider when hiring in-home care services.

What is In-Home Care Service?

The first step to choosing the best in-home care services is knowing what these services entail. 

In-home care services are support services offered by a care professional, usually an in-home caregiver, to enable a person with special needs to live safely in their home. Such services include but are not limited to:

  • personal grooming;
  • meal preparation;
  • laundry and cleaning;
  • companionship; and 
  • transportation.

Some in-home care agencies customize these services to target specific groups of people. For instance, aging and disability services cater to the care needs of old and disabled individuals, while Alzheimer’s and Dementia care caters to individuals with these specific mental health problems.

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Steps for Choosing the Best In-Home Care for Disabled Adults

The following are some steps to follow when selecting the best in-home care services for your loved one.

Determine Your Loved One’s Care Needs

Many aging adults suffer from different forms of disabilities. For instance, your loved one may have a visual impairment, hearing problem, or mental health illness. In some cases, these disabilities result from old age, medical conditions, or accidents. However, some seniors may have been living with a disability since childhood but require more care during their old age.

Because disabilities differ, they require different care needs. For this reason, consider listing the specific care needs your loved one requires and how often they need assistance. This enables you to choose the right in-home health care agency and effectively communicate your expectations.

Find an In-home Care Agency

Once you have listed the care needs of your disabled loved one, it’s time to look for the ideal in-home care agency. You may seek referrals from your friends or quickly search the internet for in-home care services near you. However, it’s important to consider specific factors while searching for the right agency for you or a loved one.

Here are the critical factors to consider while choosing the right in-home care agency for a disabled adult.

The Care Services Provided

Not all in-home care agencies provide specialized in-home care services for disabled individuals. For this reason, it’s important to evaluate the agency to ensure they care for such individuals.

For example, an agency may provide personal grooming services for the elderly but not specialize in providing these services for seniors with Dementia or Alzheimer’s. As a result, their caregivers may have difficulty caring for such a client.

Use of Technology 

Nowadays, care services have improved, thanks to technological inventions. For example, reputable in-home care agencies use electronic monitoring devices to monitor their caregiver’s service delivery. This device enables the agency to track a caregiver’s activities to ensure they attend to the needs of their clients on time and as required. 

Quality of Homecare

A great in-home care agency ensures its services meet client’s needs and expectations. Ideally, each caregiver must work hand-in-hand with a care manager or a registered nurse while caring for their client. In addition, they should evaluate their care plan from time to time and make adjustments where needed. This enables the caregiver to offer their clients the best support to live safely in their homes.

Employee Background Check

A caregiver spends several hours caring for a client under minimal supervision. For this reason, you need to hire a trustworthy caregiver that will treat your loved ones with the dignity they deserve. It’s therefore important to ensure that the in-home care agency performs thorough background checks on their caregivers. 

Schedule a Consultation 

Once you find the right in-home care agency for your disabled family member, the next step is to schedule a consultation to discuss your loved one’s care needs and how the agency may help. 

How Vibrant Health Homecare Can Help

At Vibrant Health Home Care, we are among the best providers of in-home care services Tacoma. When you contact us for a free evaluation, we will listen carefully to your care needs and schedule a free in-home assessment with a registered nurse or a care manager. Next, we will invite you to participate in creating a customized care plan for your loved ones while considering all their needs.

Once we have the right plan, our nurse assigns a professional caregiver to your loved one. For instance, we have specially-trained caregivers who provide care and support for Alzheimer’s and Dementia adults. 

Lastly, our nurse follows up on your loved one’s progress, ensuring they receive the care they need and that they’re living a happy life. 

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Looking for an In-Home Care Agency?

Finding the right in-home care services for disabled individuals may be time-consuming and cumbersome. But that shouldn’t be the case. At Vibrant Health Homecare, you can start receiving care from the comfort of your home in four easy steps.

We serve clients in Tacoma, Lakewood, Fife, Fircrest, Parkland, Steilacoom, Graham, Puyallup, Spanaway, Gig Harbor, University Place, Dupont, and the surrounding cities.  

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About Author: Annet Asio-Pasquali

Annet is a Registered Nurse in the state of Washington, she holds a Bachelor's degree in nursing from Olympic College in Bremerton, WA. She is also the founder of Vibrant Health Homecare, a company that supports the elderly and individuals with various disabilities to have an enhanced quality of life. Prior to starting her agency, Annet worked as a bedside nurse at Tacoma General Hospital for 7 years.