We are committed to helping seniors and people with disabilities to thrive and live safely in their homes

Who we are

Vibrant Health Homecare is a nurse-owned, nurse operated local in-home care agency in Washington. The founder, Annet Pasquali, RN, is a baccalaureate trained registered nurse (RN) who practiced bedside nursing at Tacoma General Hospital for five years before starting the company. During her practice, Annet noted that elderly patients and people with disabilities often came to the hospital after having failed to thrive at home. Annet strongly believed that our seniors and people with disabilities need in-home support for them to thrive. With these observations in mind, Annet decided to form Vibrant Health, a home care agency that helps seniorsand people with disabilities to live safely in their homes.

Together with Annet’s experience, the staff and caregivers at Vibrant Health Homecare have a combined total of 56 years of experience in elderly care.

Philosophy of care

We believe that seniors and people with disabilities, can continue to participate in activities they have always found enjoyable, if provided with the needed support. We believe in caring for the WHOLE individual – physical, social, and emotional support, so that that happy smile can last into the future. We believe that each individual is unique and has their own goals. Our job is to support them.

Our Vision

To become the preferred choice for senior care and human services for people with disabilities in Washington. We continue to add, as needed, knowledge and skills to our company platform to make this a reality for our clients and their loved ones. To make this goal happen, we have scheduled periodic courses for our staff to make sure we stay knowledgeable about industry standards and are constantly updating our practices to match evidence-based practices.

Our Mission

We are on mission to help the elderly and people with disabilities with the support they need so they continue to live their individually defined happiness. Our first step on this mission is to visit the client in their present home setting and discuss the functional limitations they see in their lives and ask about other details which they may not be aware of. This is called an in-home assessment. After that is accomplished, we offer scenarios that can be incorporated into a care plan, which includes services that meet present needs and may help prepare for future needs of the client as well. We then match and assign the client with one of our caregivers. The case manager then introduces the client to our caregiver, and after that, make frequent wellness checks on the client and evaluate how our service is going.

What we do

We provide personalized services in the following broad categories:

1. Personal care
2. Supported Living Services (DDA/DSHS)
3. Companionship Care/Activities Care
4. Alzheimer’s/Dementia Care
5. Community Guide and Engagement services (DDA/DSH)
6. Housekeeping and Maintenance


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