After Discharge Care

After hospital discharge, you or your loved one may need a month or two to rest and take it easy while you completely recover. A caregiver can assist you with activities of daily living until you get back on your feet. We can assist with activities you are not able to perform until you are fully recovered and able to live independently again.


If you have been recently hospitalized or had surgery, you need time to completely recover. Our caregivers can provide support with activities that you are not able to do yet so you or your loved one can focus on recovery.

Companionship Care

Do you forget where you parked your car? Are you not able to drive anymore but have social engagements to go to? Our caregivers can help. The caregiver will go with you or your loved one to social engagements like outings, church, weddings, and other social gatherings. The role of the caregiver will be to offer companionship, safety, and support to the client.

Personal Care

Personal care involves all assistance with activities of daily living. Forexample; feeding, eating, medication assistance, bathing,light housekeeping, meal preparation, etc.

Alzheimer’s or Dementia Care

The care giver will assist you or your loved one with encouragement to engage in Activities of Daily Living, ensure safety from falls,and provide support to the client.

Live-in care

If you need 24-hour care, a live-in caregiver maybe the right option for you. A live-in caregiver assists with all activities according to the client’s needs.