Welcome to Vibrant Health Homecare

We provide personalized care and support to the elderly and individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities so they can maintain optimal wellness and independence in their homes.

We value the uniqueness of each individual we serve and deliver our services based on each individual's goals and professional outcomes for the service.

People We Support

Who Needs Our Services?

  • Elderly people who are not able to complete activities of daily living on their own.
  • Individuals who have intellectual and/or developmental disabilities who need support in the home and have the desire to learn or maintain basic life skills.
  • Spouses caring for their loved ones and need a break to attend to other matters.
  • Working parents with disabled children who need coverage for their children while they are at work.
  • Families going for vacation but need care for a loved one who is not able to go on the vacation.
  • Adult children caring for their parents who need coverage while they go to work or attend to other matters
  • Hospice families with a loved one who needs end of life comfort.
  • Anyone who needs in-homecare support after surgery or hospitalization so they can focus on
Our Services

What We Offer

In-Home Care for Special Needs Child

Learn how our in-home care for special needs child can help your loved one thrive in their environment and achieve their goals.

In-home care for seniors

All seniors and the elderly are at different levels of health, wellness, and independence requiring personalized support plans to meet their unique needs. Our care plans are developed based on client needs but delivered based on expected outcomes.

Supported Living for DDA/DSHS Clients

If you have been recently hospitalized or had surgery, you need time to completely recover. Our caregivers can provide support with activities that you are not able to do yet so you or your loved one can focus on recovery.

Community Guide for DDA/DSHS Clients

Community Guide & Engagement is a service provided through DDA (Development Disabilities Administration) for individuals with mild intellectual disabilities who live in their homes but need assistance accessing community resources.

Our Processs

Here Are the Steps for Setting Up In-Home Services

Initial Step

  • Call us at (253) 240-6489 and discuss your needs briefly with us.
  • Schedule a consultation with one of service coordinators using our Calendar. 

Steps For Supported Living Services

  • Reach out to your DDA Case manager and verify that you’re eligible for Supported Living services.
  • Tell your DDA Case Manager that you want Vibrant Health Homecare to provide your Supported Living services.
  • Ask your DDA Case Manager to send your referral packet to Vibrant Health Homecare so we can get started with the process.

Steps For Senior Homecare Services

  • Fill out a pre-assessment form and a team member to call you within 24hrs or 
  • Schedule a free in-home assessment.
  • Participate in creating your care plan.
  • Start receiving care.

Steps For Community Guide Services

  • Reach out to your DDA Case manager and verify that you’re eligible for community Guide and Engagement services.
  • Tell your DDA Case Manager that you want Vibrant Health Homecare to provide your Community Guide services.
  • Ask your DDA Case Manager to send your referral packet to Vibrant Health Homecare so we can get started with the process.
Our Reviews

See what people say about us

Cynthia Phillips
I enjoyed working with vibrant health home Care it's been a pleasure working for residents as well as vibrant healthcare I recommend anybody to go through them and you will not regret it friendly pleasant and always have a smile on their face
Annette Arriola
I would highly recommend Vibrant Health Homecare. They were prompt in returning our call and worked with us to get one-on-one care for my husband who suffered from dementia and was in a memory care facility.
Belinda Laju
As a provider I look for a company that can provide the utmost care to refereed patients. Vibrant Health Homecare is intentional with from the initial assessment to the care provided. The owner, Annet Asio-Pasquali, has great passion for the love of her clients and maintaining a level of service that is unique to each individual. All of your questions are answered and concerns addressed. The company is organized & thorough with both documentation & care given. Annet maintains continuous communication with all her patients and always does regular checks for both staff and clients. Thank you for fostering a feeling of family with continued compassion & support in providing home care.
Moni Sholoma
Annet and her staff were super friendly when I talked to them about my mum's care needs. One year later, Vibrant is still her favorite care agency. Professional and friendly staff! Highly recommended!!
tieman reeds
The Nurse Owner/Admin is professional, knowledgeable, kind and responsive. The CNAs she sent, at very short notice, were good overall; a couple were very good with my spouse, who has dementia. Very good. I would recommend this agency.
Catherine Ngige
I have been working with Vibrant for two years and it's been wonderful. Management really cares about the clients as well as caregivers. The owner, Annet is a registered nurse and does a good job writing clear careplans and instructions to caregivers, as well as making follow ups. I would very highly recommend this company to clients and caregivers looking for work.
Bryan Curtis
Vibrant services are great. I don't use their services continuously, but everytime I call, someone is available to take my call and they are able to schedule caregiver promptly. Our caregiver is very patient and is not afraid to ask questions. I strongly recommend this agency.
Joan Namugabo
I have worked with Vibrant and I love their work ethics, The pay is always on time 🤑, I would choose Vibrant again and again.
Nathan Long
The Vibrant worker that helped us did a great job. Thank you.
Sandy Kidman
I loved how the nurse who did the intake went over everything and made a comprehensive yet personalized plan for my mom. We had precautions in place for everything; allergies, falls, emergencies, etc. The care plan was simple but detailed. The caregivers were respectful and followed the careplan well. Communication was okay as well. Overall we are happy with the care we received

We Care For You

Let us help you or your loved one live a vibrant life

Vibrant Health Homecare is a premier provider of in-home care for seniors, community guide- engagement (DDA/DSHS), and supported living services (DDA/DSHS) to people with disabilities. We believe that our elderly and people with disabilities thrive best when they live in their homes and have made it our mission to provide the support they need.

Our care and support are person-centered because we believe that each individual is unique and has their own goals and desires. Our goal is to support you to achieve your individually defined happiness. When you partner with us, together, we develop and implement a care plan that enables you to stay vibrant and age well in the place where your happy thoughts still grow.

Supporting our seniors and people with disabilities to live safely in their homes
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